Permanent Magnet Generator Systems

The area of renewable energies is changing rapidly. While leaseholders, planners, operators, and investors are still reaping the benefits of guaranteed feed-in tariffs, the current trend is moving towards direct marketing of wind energy. As a result, the value of energy will increase at low wind speeds — modern turbine concepts need to exploit this fact and operate efficiently even at low wind speeds. With our new Permavent® generator and converter system, this is now possible.

Permavent® means: a direct drive solution, where the electrical current is generated in several generator modules. The modules are arranged in a ring around the rotor. This modular arrangements offers many advantages compared to existing solutions, including improved reliability, easier maintenance, and simplified logistics.

Permavent® means: a revolutionary type of multi-level power converter — the Modular Parallel Multilevel Converter (MPMC). This intelligent network of parallel converter modules generates extremely low-distortion grid currents, satisfying the grid codes now and in the future. And the best part,all this without the use of heavy, expensive, unreliable LCL filters.

Permavent® stands for an innovation, where costs on the mechanical and power electronics side are reduced to a minimum, as are investment and operational cost, and improved energy harvest and reliability are attained.

During the development of the Permavent® system, we received excellent support from the company ENASYS and from the power electronics chair of the TU Dresden. Our research and development activities, and the construction of our workspaces in Rathenow are partly funded by EU funds.